Tyann flooring (“Tyann”) is a Dallas based company founded in 2016, but its business traces back to the summer of 2009 when the founder was looking for affordable luxury flooring materials for multifamily apartments. At that time, the vinyl planks were either too expensive or too low in quality for multifamily apartments. The founder tried to fill this gap with a new type of vinyl planks. For two years, she worked with qualified manufacturers to test out a variety of materials and manufacturing processes and finally succeeded with a series of vinyl planks that are of high quality yet affordable. They become known as the “Tyann” vinyl planks.   
Since 2011, these vinyl planks have been installed in many multifamily apartments, hotels, and office buildings in many states including Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, and Maine. In 2016, “Tyann” becomes a federally registered trademark for flooring material. As luxury vinyl planks, Tyann can compare to other branded names. With research and development teams right at the manufacturing floor, Tyann Flooring endeavors to keep Tyann products on the flooring industry’s top trends. This ensures high quality products with affordable price. As our logo says, Tyann is “beyond your imagination.”

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